What is the benefit of kit?

  • You don’t have to carry your hard copy of health records and you can see your entire records through internet on ePHR (HealthSecure). With Privilege card you can avail discount on various health care services. Any health related queries raised by a member will be solved by health helpline. PHM will provide reminder alerts to members for OPD & IPD appointments.

   How is ePHR Beneficial?

  • You don’t have to carry your hard copy of health records and you can see your entire records Online. It can be accessed 24/7.Members can add, edit or upload new records as and when required. Records are available in hand during emergency with hospital.

   How do I operate ePHR?

  • Members need to log in through his ID and password then he needs to go to the medical records section where he can upload the new records and at the same time he can edit and update his previous records.

   Who all can have login ID and Password?

  • It can be access by Individual, treating doctor, only on patients consent.

   What is Compliance Service?

  • Service to remind you of next appointment for OPD/investigation/next visit.

   How Compliance service works?

  • Members get reminders alerts for next visit, SMS/mails/voice calls.

   Which is the nearest hospital to my residence?

  • Following are hospitals which are close to your residence (PHM executive will search from the database available)

   Will I be charged for ePHR?

  • Patient doesn’t have to pay directly to PHM; this is taken care by provider. It is basically service extended to you by your hospital.

   What will be validity of ePHR?

  • ePHR is valid for period of 1 year from your date of discharge.

   Can PHM upload my future reports in ePHR?

  • Yes, the copies reports should be couriered to PHM-local office and the same will be uploaded.

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