• Health Risk Assessment (HRA)

  • Health Risk Assessment (HRA) is an assessment of severity or likelihood of an adverse health condition through a comprehensive questionnaire related to health and lifestyle.

  • It helps one identify the kind of diseases or health problems a person is at a risk of getting owing to his lifestyle. It also gives recommendations for minimizing risks and enhancing the quality of health. It gives suggestions for changes in lifestyle in areas such as fitness, nutrition, stress management, weight management and safety.  

   Key features of HRA are:

    • User-friendly questionnaire
    • An online tool accessible, anytime from anywhere
    • Questionnaire can be completed in one or more sitting
    • Extensive and customized administrative reports
    • Quick information transfer capability via the Internet to your computer for report generation

  Some benefits of HRA includes:

    • Personalised and detailed report highlighting the key areas users need to focus on
    • It helps individuals become aware about health conditions rather than be ignorant
    • It provides a snapshot of their overall health status
    • It provides guidance to act now to prevent the likelihood of a disease from occurring in the future
    • It encourages users to adopt a healthy lifestyle

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Link - https://www.healthparamount.com/HRALogin.aspx

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