• Paramount Healthcare Management (PHM) is a wellness and medical management organization dedicated to assist end users in achieving a healthier life and minimizing expenses and difficulties arising due to illness & hospitalization.

    We advocate the value of wellness. Beneficiaries of health services are increasingly concerned about the value of care being provided. PHM's intervention through a number of value added services ensures the quality and comfort of care provided. The Permanent Health Record service enables an individual to access his or her own health records from anywhere in the world. This service inculcates a proactive approach to tackling any condition or emergency.

    The online health risk assessment furnishes health & risk status before you in a matter of minutes, so that you can take preventive measures to avoid a specific condition and prevent it from deteriorating further. Furthermore, health screening is done for pre-identified risk prone population to validate the outcome of health risk analysis.

    Permanent health record is a service that allows individuals to upload their health records on the website in their personal & confidential health space. This handy source of their entire medical history incorporates consciousness towards one’s own health. Along with health records, health insurance records and health checkup records, many other things would be uploaded on to the website which would be accessible to individuals & family physicians. Members are able to add, edit or upload a new record as and when required.

    Gatekeeper assistance is a service provided to minimize the efforts of people searching for services related to medical care or purchase of medical/surgical appliances. One will be able to locate the various services as and when required.

    The disease management service offers a different level of comfort for patients suffering from chronic diseases. This is the best solution for two major problems in the healthcare system i.e. inadequate quality and high costs. Through disease management, an effort is made to ensure improved quality of life by minimizing the effects of a disease through integrative care.

    In addition to disease management, prescription compliance is another service that helps individuals to comply with their medication & doses as prescribed by their physicians. SMS reminders and mail alerts to individuals about their medication at the prescribed times ensures adherence to the therapy which is a major step of success of any treatment.

    Wellness services are aimed to improve the overall health profile of the employees, which would lead to improved morale & motivation towards their duties and can be a good retention tool for organizations as well. The wellness programs include workplace nutrition, tobacco & alcohol cessation programs, work-life balance, health coaching and health talks, stress management techniques etc.

    Privilege cards issued by PHM will allow many other benefits including discounts on purchases, consultations, diagnostics and on various other services.

    *For more details on services, mail to contactus@phmglobal.com

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