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  • PHM offers Individuals health services that help them keep a step ahead in healthcare management.

   Health Secure (ePHR)

  • Health Secure (ePHR) is an online service to maintain all health related records. It is an electronic version of a patient’s medical history and relevant data including progress notes, problems, medications, vital signs, past medical history, immunizations, laboratory data and radiology reports.

    Headquarter’s Health Secure (ePHR) is a form of permanent health recode, an online service that puts you in charge of all health data by storing and managing medical records and health information online in one safe, secure place. You can easily access the data as and when required with accurate, comprehensive information at your fingertips.
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   Health Risk Assessment

  • Health Risk Assessment (HRA) is an assessment of the severity or likelihood of an adverse health outcome in an individual due to an exposure to environmental, biological or social conditions.

    A health risk appraisal can lead to health risk reduction. Health behavior research has shown that helping people identify threats to their health facilitates the process of healthy change.

    Assessment provides organizations an effective tool for:
    • Health risk identification
    • Delivering follow-up interventions for those at risk
    • Tracking and analyzing population health trends over time
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   Elder Healthcare

  • The primary objective of elder care services is to support the individual and their families achieve their goals by providing home care services in homes. Whether the goal is to remain living at home, expedite recovery after surgery or hospitalization, provide respite or offer hospice support. Our experienced caregivers and staff are committed to providing the quality care required to meet those goals.
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   Home Care

  • Many people feel that when their health deteriorates they have to stay in a hospital, move in with their children or request family members for support. With our Home Care service we will handle all of your more complex needs and allow you to stay in your home as long as you want. We have trained elderly health care managers and caregivers focused to handle all of your Alzheimer’s / dementia care, pre- and post-surgical care, medical conditions such as Parkinson's and ALS, Quadriplegic care and Palliative care.

    The primary objectives of our home care services are:
    • To expedite recovery safely and maintain personal dignity by restoring patients to useful functional activity.
    • To achieve and sustain an optimum state of health, activity and independence for those we serve.
    • To furnish unskilled nursing and personal care services at a competitive cost to patients.
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  • IMAP basic consist of following three services
    1. Health Risk Assessment (HRA
    2. Health Secure (ePHR)
    3. Privilege Card
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   IMAP Comprehensive

  • Covers: Member, spouse, 2 children & 1 set of parents

    Launch Offer: FREE health check-up with 56 tests worth more than Rs 1600 for 1 person in the family. Sample collection from home through PHM helpline and delivery of reports at residence
    1. Health Risk Assessment (HRA): Online assessment tool which helps an individual in evaluating ones health through online questionnaire. Gives health grading on various parameters with suggestions for improvement.
    2. Health Secure (ePHR): ePHR is an online and globally accessible electronic records of members and family’s health. Stores records of health check ups, X-ray, MRI, Insurance records & other health related documents.
    3. Helpline: It is a non prescriptive medical helpline. Members can enquire about health related queries. Helpline also helps in locating medical, paramedical services & products.
    4. Gatekeeper Assistance: In case of planned hospitalization Gatekeeper Assistance helps individual to achieve the right treatment at the right place at the right cost.
    5. Hospitalization Assistance: Hospitalization Assistance provides medical/technical assistance & guidance during hospital stay. A dedicated case manager is a appointed, who assist in coordinating with hospitals, insurance companies and TPA. Team will also assist in verifying/negotiating billing & tariff.
    6. Privilege Card: The card holders are entitled to discount upto 30% when they present the card to our network providers such as Pharmacies, dentist, Opticians, Gyms & fitness centers, Beauticians, spas, Ayurvedic Centers, GPs, Specialist doctors & many more health service providers at more than 600 providers in Mumbai
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   Disease Management Programs

  • Disease Management Programs refer to the processes and people concerned with improving or maintaining health in large populations. It is concerned with common chronic illnesses and reduction of future complications associated with those diseases.

    Illnesses that disease management would concern itself with would include: coronary heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), kidney failure, hypertension, heart failure, obesity, diabetes mellitus, asthma, cancer, arthritis, clinical depression, sleep apnea, osteoporosis, and other common ailments.

    Headquarters offers every individual an opportunity to manage their diseases with tools that include web-based assessment tools, clinical guidelines, health risk assessments, outbound and inbound call-center-based triage, best practices, formularies and numerous other devices, systems and protocols.
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   Health Discount Card

  • When plastic money has become a trend in the banking sector, hospitality sector, restaurants, shopping centers and malls, entertainment sector as in movie theatres, pubs, bars, discotheques, education sector, beauticians, parlors, sports, gaming alleys, travel cards, petrol pumps and the like how can the health sector remain behind unrevolutionized?

    The concept of Health Discount Card became prevalent as a long term option or alternative to discount coupons and vouchers which were subject to wear and tear and loss.
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