Travel Health Services

   Banking Facilities

  • Information on currencies, banking procedures and bank hours in the country of destination.

   Car rental Agency Referral & Limousine Arrangements

  • A referral to car rental companies in foreign countries.

   Destination Information

  • General information on the destination, normally via fax.

   Foreign Exchange Information Services

  • Information concerning exchange rates of major foreign currencies.

   Hotel Accommodation Referral

  • The names, addresses, contact numbers of hotels in major foreign cities world-wide.

   Inoculation Information Services

  • Information concerning inoculation requirements for foreign countries.

   Travel Advisory Services

  • Information concerning foreign ministry health and security advisories and circulars.

   Visa Information Service

  • Information concerning Visa requirements for foreign countries.

   Weather Information Services

  • Weather forecasts and temperatures of foreign countries.

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