PHM offers Individuals health services that help them keep a step ahead in healthcare management.

PHM offers Insurers, services to simplify insurance processes and also reduce the burden of claims.

PHM ensures that Providers go over and beyond routine services to promote health and healing.

PHM offers Schools services that keep children healthy and happy and bursting with energy.

Health Risk Assessment

HRA is an assessment of the severity or likelihood of an adverse health outcome due to an exposure to environmental, biological, or social conditions.

Features of the HRA online tool are:

  • Easy-to-complete questionnaire
  • Links to extensive health improvement content
  • Quick information transfer capability – Via the internet to your computer for report generation

Is your health at a risk? Get your Health Risk Assessment done here.

HealthSecure (ePHR)

HealthSecure is yours for life, anywhere, anytime.

HealthSecure, the e Permanent Health Record (ePHR) allows members to upload their health records on the website, in their personal and confidential health space.

HealthSecure - Product Offering

  • HealthSecure (ePHR) Tool
  • Discharge Report
  • Compliance Services

Create your own e Permanent Health Record instantly.

  • e-Consult is a secure, web-based Online physician consultations for non-emergency conditions and to answer questions about minor ailments, symptoms or medications.

    As more and more doctor-patient communication is happening online, it is important to know how doctors adapt to their patients' knowledge level and we ensure that they make themselves understood in this medium.

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